When Pessimism is Optimistic

You’re going to die.  I’m going to die.  One day relatively soon, all the things we built and made during our life time will no longer exist.  Everything in life is fleeting, even life itself.   

I remember when I was younger, my mom claimed there were some people who had been around since the beginning of time and sometimes had to “die” and be rebirthed to avoid suspicion.  So they’d come back with a new identity every time they got “too old.”  I now know my mom is crazy (not being mean, I mean, I have hospital stays at mental institutions to suggest she’s not well). 

But the idea of eternity isn’t a crazy person’s idea.  Many religions and many people will have some form of definition for eternity to give the illusion that life doesn’t end.  For some reason, the vacuity of life depresses us and make us feel useless. 

But let’s be honest.  We are pretty useless.  We may effect immediate people around us, but as soon as we’re gone, our ideas, beliefs, and constructions begin to fade into oblivion.  For some reason being useless is a depressing thought.  Which is odd.  Roller coasters are fairly useless as well, but man are they popular and fun! 

Maybe that’s the point of life?  To enjoy the ride before it breaks down.  Maybe there is no grandiose meaning to our existence or purpose in life.   

There is no ending or moral really.  I guess reading this was pointless.  It didn’t really change your life or thought process.  Luckily it was short and didn’t waste too much of your time. 


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